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General Information

The University of Siegen is a modern institute of higher education located centrally in the area bordering the three German federal states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The tradition of the city of Siegen as a home of education and science goes back to the 16th century when in 1536 Wilhelm the Rich established a Latin school (high school) within the walls of the city. In 1853 the foundation of the present day university was set in form countries best "Wiesenbauschule" (construction school). After the 2nd World War the main focus of the education shifted in the direction of training in civil engineering. Therefore, in 1962, the institute was named “National Engineering School of Civil Engineering". With the establishment of the "Teacher Training College" in 1964 the academic tradition of Siegen was revived. In 1965 the institute became the "Pädagogische Hochschule Westfalen-Lippe" (Educational University Westfalen-Lippe) which marked its transformation into a scientific university.

On August 1st, 1972 the comprehensive university development act led to the setting up of a comprehensive university at Siegen (the University of Siegen) to implement enhanced permeability and equality of opportunities in the education system and to promote the regionalization of the study offer and the research potential since then it is a well reputed scientific university in Germany.



A brief Introduction

University of Siegen has more than 19.000 students out of which approximately 12% are international students. The university offers in total 126 degree programmes across four faculties:



1. Faculty I:   Faculty of Arts

2. Faculty II:  Education, Architecture & Arts

3. Faculty III: Business Economics, Business IT and Commercial Law

4. Faculty IV: Science and Engineering


On July 19, 2017, the Senate of the University of Siegen decided to include Faculty V, School of Life Sciences, in the fundamental order of the university. Previously, the Rectorate had taken the decision to found the new school. With the Senate's vote, the founding process has begun. The School of Life Sciences (LWF) is the fifth faculty of the University of Siegen


Faculty of Science and Technology

The faculty of Science and Technology is divided into 6 departments namely:


1. Civil Engineering

2. Chemistry – Biology

3. Electrical Engineering – Computer Science

4. Mathematics

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Physics


Currently the Faculty of Science and Technology offer five international graduate master programs in Chemistry, Computer Science, Mechatronic, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Physics.

The medium of instruction is English. Each study program has a duration of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters, however, the criteria for admission is different for every department.