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Application and Admission

Dear prospective Students,

we are pleased about your interest in our* International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics program*. Many of you have friends and colleagues on social media who successfully applied to the program or are in contact with our academic advisor Faria Afzal (i gs.advisor@nt.uni-siegen.de  ), providing valuable information on the application process, the courses, Campus live and, most important, living in Germany, see also  https://www.uni-siegen.de/start/international/index.html.en?lang=en 

You can now apply to the course using our general application portal


where you have to create first an account. Then you can start the application process, which is now fully digital, i.e., you will need digital scans of all of your relevant documents like transcript of records, certificates and so on, the portal will ask you precisely in each step, what you need. You can always stop the application process at any time and resume whenever you like.

*The portal will be open until April, 30^th , midnight (CEST).*

We will not decide on your application as long as the portal is open (unless you do not satisfy minimum requirements of the program, see below). You will be informed about the decision on the admission in June 2023.

We have also renewed the Mechatronics study program itself, to realign the courses taught on current trends in science and engineering. This includes new courses on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which can be chosen along with many other courses in the elective level of the program. For detailed information, please visit

https://www.eti.uni-siegen.de/dekanat/studium/pruefungsaemter/mechatronics/index.html?lang=de <https://www.eti.uni-siegen.de/dekanat/studium/pruefungsaemter/mechatronics/index.html?lang=de>

where we provide the preliminary draft of the examination regulations with module manual and study program valid from the winter terms 2023/24.

To ensure the high quality of the program and the individual support during your studies, we have to apply an admission limit. Main criteria will be your final grade of your Bachelor degree; Bachelor of Science in Engineering / Bachelor of Engineering/ Bachelor of Technology / Diplom-Ingenieur (degree from a University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule) or similar with a minimum of 2.7 Grades according to ECTS and your language skills; there will be no interview. You will need at least B2 level of CEFR, see below for details.


Best regards

 Office Mechatronics

In any case the English language knowledge should meet*B2*of CEFR (Common English Framework of Reference for Language),***i.e., TOEFL iBT = min. 88 or IELTS (academic) = minimum 6.0 or Cambridge First = minimum 175 or PTE Academic = minimum 61*(Score cards NOT older than 2 years). TOEFL code number for the University of Siegen: 8429.

*Medium of instruction letter (MOI) is not acceptable!*

/Please note that we can only refrain from a language proof in case of native speakers from USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia./