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Fees and Funding

Tuition fees

There is no tuition fee, however, the students have to pay a semester fee of currently € 322.90. The semester fee is consists of:

  • Semester ticket including the NRW-Ticket € 178.90
  • Social contribution Studierendenwerk € 120.00
  • AStA contribution € 20.00
  • Soli-Euro € 4.00 


Financial requirements

The following costs are to be covered by the student's own financial resources:

  • Semester fees (currently € 322.90 per semester)
  • Compulsory health insurance (approx. € 110.00 per month) 
  • Accommodation (approx. € 360 per month)
    ► Please note that you might need to pay a one-time security deposit when you rent a place.◄
  • Living expenses (approx € 460 per month)
  • Residence permit (approx. € 100.00 ) 



The above given calculation is for a single student. Students with a partner or child have need to consider separate costs of living depending on their family. The University of Siegen does not offer any scholarships for incoming students. Information on scholarship programs can be found at the German Academic Exchange Service.